Mobile Phone Anti-Theft Pocket Lock


I Developed The First Anti-Theft Product That Physically Locks Your Phone To Your Pocket
A couple of years ago, I was strolling around in Gothenburg when I was approached by three guys. At first nothing seemed strange, but when one of them distracted me I was startled. Another one must have lifted my phone from my pocket while I was distracted, because I really didn’t notice anything at the time. I had fallen for the “dancing trick”.

When they started walking away, I realized my phone was gone, so I started running after them. When they ran into a dark alley, I stopped following them however and just called the police. I thought I was safe, since I knew how to track my phone using a GPS.
I was wrong. Despite tracking down the phone using GPS, the police couldn’t get my phone back since they didn’t have a warrant, and the phone was inside the thieves’ apartment. I never saw my phone again.
Since then I’ve worked on a product which would prevent pickpockets in the future, but not just for me, for everyone! Together with my team, I’m now about to launch it on Kickstarter on April 5th, and I wanted to give you guys a sneak peek.

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