12 Wonderful Office Buildings From Around The World


If you think your office building has the coolest architecture ever, think again. Structural engineering has daringly ventured into a domain where innovation marries imagination, and the results are breathtaking. Corporate giants have invested big bucks on creating office structures that are a treat for the eyes.

Here’s a look at 12 of the most avant-garde architectural workplaces corporate giants own across the globe.

1. BMW Welt, Munich

The architecture of BMW’s exhibition center has been described as “futuristic” and we totally agree! Nestled right next to the BMW headquarters, BMW Welt is nothing short of art with its double cone structure, wrapped comfortably in sheets of steel and glass.

2. CMA CGM, Marseille

Designed to imitate the sail of a ship, the Tour CMA CGM building is a classic blend of ingenuity with style. In fact, the tower is the perfect symbol for a company that prides itself as one of the world’s leading shipping groups.

3. Aldar Headquarters, Al Raha Beach

Definitely one of a kind, the Aldar Headquarters building is the world’s first orb-structured workplace. We can’t help but wonder what this eye-catching marvel looks like from the inside!

4. Infosys, India

Closer home, Mysore’s Infosys campus is a product of architectural genius par excellence. The office building looks like an overblown golf ball and boasts of being the largest training center in the world.

5. ING House, Amsterdam

Owing to the form of the building, the ING House is more popularly known as the “Dustbuster” or the “shoe”. Now here’s a structure that defies all that is ordinary and doesn’t inspire a second look.

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