12 Wonderful Office Buildings From Around The World


6. Bank of China Headquarters, Hong Kong

Looks like a skyscraper straight out of a Marvel movie, dunnit? This tower with a swanky exterior houses the Bank of China HQ and is known to have set the record for being the tallest high-rise building that stretches beyond 1000 feet, outside of the USA.

7. EnCana Corporation, Canada

Standing proud in all its towering glory is the Bow – the office building from where EnCana carries out its business. Its curved, crescent-like contour is definitely worth admiring. Time to take a bow!

8. Hearst Corporation, Manhattan

Structural engineering at its best, the Hearst Tower is a work of beauty. But with beauty comes brains – which together make the tower the first office building ever to have received the prestigious LEED Gold Certification for Energy.

9. Adidas LACES, Bavaria

This shoelace-inspired building is Adidas’s Research and Development center in Germany. Big enough to fit eight (yes, eight!) football fields, the LACES building is as high performing as the Adidas shoes.

10. Selgas Cano, Madrid

A dream workspace for all those who love the woods, Selgas Cano office building is half-under and half-above the ground. Talk about working in a relaxed environment, away from the city hullabaloo. Jealous much?

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