10 Special Features Your iPhone Will Get With New iOS 11


1. Redesigned and much- aligned App Store

Apple will redesign the much-maligned App Store with an all-new interface, which is quite similar to Apple Music and Apple News. The new layout will specifically highlight one new app every day and has a separate tab for games. Apart from this, in-app purchases will show up on an app product page and in search results.

2. Type To Siri

One of the most requested features by users, iOS 11 allows users to type queries to Siri instead of just speaking them. Google Assistant already has this functionality on Android. The feature can come in really handy in loud & noisy situations.

To activate ‘Type to Siri’ option, users need to navigate to General Settings. It’s actually worth noting that iOS 10 also allows questions to be typed to Siri. But to do this, one needs to tap on a previous spoken query and then edit it.

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