5 Important Apps That Keep Your Passwords Safe


4. RememBear

5 Important Apps That Keep Your Passwords Safe

RememBear became extremely popular in recent times because of its simple and user-friendly interface. Cute animated bears will greet you on the home page, but cute web design is not the main highlight of the app. The free version of RememBear offers unlimited password storage and biometric logins, along with a robust built-in authenticator, which works almost as well as the one in LastPass.

It also allows you to import passwords from a previous password vault and offers a neat browser extension that is designed to create, secure, and auto-fill really strong passwords within your browser.

The free version of the program, unfortunately, covers only a single device, which may not be ideal for everyone. But for those of you looking for a simple and friendly password manager to cover a phone or laptop, RememBear is a terrific choice.

Get RememBear free here. You can also download its app for Android and iOS.

5. Sticky Password

5 Important Apps That Keep Your Passwords Safe

Sticky Password is another handy password manager that strives to generate passwords for your accounts that nobody can crack. The free edition of the software provides unlimited password storage on an unlimited number of devices. But there’s a catch: it does not support cross-device syncing.

However, if you don’t need cross-device syncing and password sharing, Sticky Password’s free version can be installed on as many devices as you want. Additionally, it has a few unique features like Biometric logins and USB portability, where you can download your password vault to a USB drive and access the program on any Windows PC. This will be particularly useful for those who are always on the go.

Sticky Password may not have a ton of extra features like some of the other password managers on this list, but it is still pretty effective. It will keep all your logins and credentials secure, and it will also remember all your passwords while generating new ones to protect your accounts.

Get Sticky Password free here. You can also download its app for Android and iOS.

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