Amazing Korean SKY Concept Phone


Why are concepts so loved? Because they don’t take profitability in consideration, they don’t have to please anybody and they live by the “love or hate” saying.
If you hate them you hate them big, but if you love them, you would die for them. Don’t believe me?

Think of Apple iPhone, who flamed the minds of millions and now everybody tries to catch some of the strong points of this paper launched product in their next phones.

Amazing Korean SKY Concept Phone

Let’s not change the subject and talk about concepts.

Today’s big hit comes from Korean SKY, a concept dominated by minimalism, sleek & slim forms and, a must have nowadays, the touch-pad.

Want some specs? C’mon, it’s just a concept which might never see the light of day, or beauty of the night, but nonetheless it will make you dream sweeter tonight.

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