Porch And Patio Ideas You’ll Want To Steal This Season


a small and cozy space with upholstered wicker furniture, an L-shaped wooden bench and a fire pit

a modern outdoor space with a firepit and a couple of love seats for a romantic dinner

a minimalist space with an L-shaped bench and a minimal firepit looks super chic

a concrete and wood L-shaped bench and a fire pit in a mmodern backyard

Outdoor Bar

An outdoor bar is another great feature you’ll want to get for your space: on hot days it will chill you, on cold ones it will warm you up. It can be a DIYed wooden stand that you will make especially for your patio, or a mobile bar cart on casters that you can take back indoors when needed, or a refined glass bar stand for a party, or even a murphy bar if there isn’t much space. Choose your favorite option and make some hot chocolate there!

a modern outdoor bar clad with black and white geo tiles and a wooden countertop, a couple of black chairs

an outdoor murphy bar is a nice idea for those who don’t have enough space

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