The Futuristic Furniture Concepts


Ecotypic Bed

Let your bed become a garden, providing you with fresh air and the beauty of nature. The Ecotypic Bed comes with a sound system, LED lights that help the plants grow, and a power-generating unit that uses outside vibrations to create power for itself.

Toyo Isola ‘S’ Kitchen Islan

The Ying Yang design is a fully-functional kitchen island, offering you an electric stove, a beautiful, circular sink, and corrugated drawers that look as good closed as they do open.


The Cloud lets your float on a soft mattress that is suspended in mid-air by the magnet in the bottom part. You can sit or lay down on it and enjoy your piece of heaven.


The I-Sopod was developed to provide its user with complete isolation for relaxation, meditation or for when you need some “alone time”. The pod is filled with water, with an incorporated LED lighting system and music player, allowing you to disconnect from the world whenever you need to.

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