Google Glass Video Shows How It Works


If you’re in the majority, chances are you haven’t gotten your hands on Google Glass just yet. And even if you’ve peered through the high-tech specs before, you might be in need of a tutorial.

Now, Google has released a video explaining how to get started with Glass, a touch-sensitive device heralded as the future of mobile.

Here’s a deeper look at how it works: By swiping the frames’ “touchpad” — which runs from your temple to your ear — you can change settings and access new features. To turn it on, all the touchpad needs is a simple touch. The display positioned above the user’s line of sight can be adjusted manually, similar to a rear-view mirror in a car.

The display appears to be floating a few inches in front of the eye. The first thing you will see is a clock with the time, which is the first “card” in your timeline. Other cards, which can be swiped to accessed, include the weather, your calendar and so on. Tapping on a specific card will open it up with more details, such as flight information.

The sequence of the cards plays a role as well. Cards from the right of the home screen are from the past, such as messages, videos or photos, while cards to the left are for upcoming events. You can also click on photos to share with one of your friends — contacts populate within the display, so clicking on the person you want will create an email message addressed to that person.

Meanwhile, swiping your finger downward on the touchpad will bring the display to standby.

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