Inventions that are both weird and interesting at the same time – that’s what we are going to talk about today.
Seriously, ambitiousness aside, what were these entrepreneurs thinking while brainstorming ideas for a product that can be so embarrassing? Undies that can prevent smelly farts from escaping your behind! And pizzas as ice cream cones – that’s even worse than putting pineapples as toppings.
Okay, let us hold our horses. In a parallel universe, they are not that bad. Also, the creators do deserve a standing ovation for actually managing to sell these. Priced at $100 and less apiece, customers are loving these ridiculous products, one add-to-the-cart-click at a time.
1. Shreddies

Got flatulence? Buy fart-absorbing undies. Breaking wind is embarrassing, especially in front of your significant half, but trust Shreddies to do the trick. The undies come with a Zorflex-activated carbon back panel that absorbs fart odours.
It is the perfect solution. But does it also muffle the sounds?
2. Ostrich pillow

Great, a funny looking pillow to solve all your napping problems is finally here. You can now nap at work or while travelling by simply slipping on this mask over your head. It helps you create a personal space in a busy setting.
But riddle me this, does it solve the problem of looking utterly silly?

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