The Flying Defibrillator Drone Can Save Your Life


Meet the flying defibrillator that could one day save your life. Imagine being fine one minute, out and about on the street with a family member or friends when all of a sudden you get sharp pains in your chest and your heart hurts – you could be having a heart attack. In steps the Flying Defibrillator Drone.

Your chance of surviving would normally be slim, but this drone could dramatically improve that chance.

The Flying Defibrillator Drone Can Save Your Life

Every year 800,000 people suffer from a cardiac arrest in Europe and shockingly only 8% survive. The main reason for this high mortality rate is the amount of time it can take for an emergency response team to get to a patient. Within four to six minutes brain death can occur after the heart has stopped but the ambulance drone can get to anyone within a 4.6 mile zone within just a minute.

The Flying Defibrillator Drone Can Save Your Life

This means that the survival rate for cardiac arrests can be improved form 8% to 80%. The drone tracks down the patient using GPS and once it arrives at the scene a phone operator can talk those already helping the victim through the process of using the defibrillator via a livestream webcam. The drone currently costs $19,000 and is only available in Amsterdam, but if a success we can see it coming to a town or city near you very soon.


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