Can One be High-Tech Even in Shower?


method that uses colors and lights to balance energy whenever our bodies are lacking, be it physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental.

Signorini Design brought the colors to the shower creating a beautiful effect in which you take a colorful shower. Two central lights illuminate the flow of water in the following: “warm yellow, passionate red, mellow blue or green earthy light” (ok, the color description were pure copy/paste).

Well, if that is not enough to make you fell better, you can add to it a Juke Tower with some easy listening music, probably much better than your private “Whatever-country-you-live Idol” auditions.

The Juke Tower, made bay Net Japan company, has an USB port where you can plug in any kind of device holding from 32Mb up to 2Gb of audio files. It has controls on the top of it, and a LED display that will show you time and track.


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