Most Expensive Bed Linen


These days, when financial and stocks markets are riding on a roller coaster, a bed linen with 22 carat pure gold sewn into it might seem to be a blown up profligacy. But then having spent all that millions on a getting the perfect bed, it would be ideal to spread this linen for a complete luxurious sleeping place.

Coming from the house of Charlotte Thomas, this Bespoken Collection isn’t for weaker pockets at all. Offering the utmost in nocturnal luxury and sophistication, it is exclusively handmade with 22-carat gold sewn into the finest merino fabric. Each piece is backed with a fine Indian silk jacquard and complemented by Egyptian cotton sheets with a thread count of 1,000. And to throw a pillow, a single cover can cost £1,200 ($2400). Who said that all you need is a roof on your head and a pillow under it for a good night sleep?

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