The Most Expensive Motor Home


Boasts master bedroom with en suite, rainfall shower and 40in flatscreen television

Features include glow-in-the-dark paint, underfloor heating, pop-up bar and roof terrace

More expensive per sq ft than a property in Hampstead, London

The world’s most expensive motorhome is up for sale – with a price tag of £1.9million. Austrian company Marchi Mobile is behind the 40ft long palace on wheels, called the eleMMent palazzo, which comes complete with a pop-up roof terrace measuring 215 sq ft, underfloor heating and a bar.

The space-age vehicle has a huge master bedroom with 40-inch TV, an en suite bathroom, rainfall shower, separate toilet, lounge and driver’s cab complete with bunk bed.

The Most Expensive Motor Home

The Marchi Mobile EleMMent Palazzo is the world’s most expensive motorhome, up for sale with a price tag of £1.9m

The Most Expensive Motor Home

The spacious leather-trimmed interior is finished to the highest specifications

The EleMMent can be fitted with mobile internet, a working fireplace, streaming video surveillance and satellite TV, and boasts a glow-in-the-dark finish to improve night safety.

But the most impressive touch is the machine’s ‘sky lounge’ which opens at the touch of a button and features underfloor heating and a bar.

Marchi Mobile says the 510bhp engine will give the 20 tonne eleMMent palazzo a top speed of 93mph while being capable of a relatively high 13mpg, its efficiency for such a heavy vehicle partly down to its aerodynamic design.

The Most Expensive Motor Home

The immaculate design of the motorhome includes a spacious lounge, master bedroom with en suite and rainfall shower and a lavish pop-up roof terrace

The Most Expensive Motor Home

The firm say the high end vehicle would suit rock stars or Formula One drivers looking for a luxury tour bus

It will set the buyer back £1.9million and boast an area which expands to 430 sq ft, making it twice as expensive per square foot as the most lavish properties in London’s exclusive Hampstead postcode.

And if you think that’s eye-watering enough, brace yourselves, because that’s just the starting price. A source at the company admits the sky is the limit where the luxury vehicle is concerned and, if so requested, they’d be more than happy to cover it in diamonds.

The Most Expensive Motor Home

No expense has been spared on fitting out the show model, with full-size bathroom and bedroom making for a comfortable living experience.

The Most Expensive Motor Home

The vehicle has a pop-out living area to provide 80 per cent more space

The Most Expensive Motor Home

The vehicle is the first in the world to offer glow-in-the-dark paint.

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