Sony Walkman Series E MP3 Player


A new Walkman from Sony is out there, the E Series. The new players do have a translucent OLED display and will be sold in models of 1Gb, 2Gb and 4Gb.

But it is not all about beauty, after all it is a DAP. It plays MP3, WMA, AAC and ATRAC. The direct USB plug will allow the player to be connected to any computer without the need of a cradle.
br> It has Clear Audio technology, it has an amazing playing autonomy of 30 hours, and it’s size is around 7/8 x 3 ¼ x 9/16 (22.4×82.9×13.6mm) and weight only a little over 1 ounce.

The prices in Japan are around US$ 125 (1Gb), US$ 155 (2Gb) and US$ 200 (4Gb).

The most amazing thing about this little gizmo, 3 minutes of charge equals 3 hours of use!

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