Iomega 1.5TB Drive Offers Fancy Backup Option

Iomega recently revealed some new eSATA desktop hard drives with a new system protection program that combines total system backups with instant system recovery. The drive catching our eye the most is the 1.5TB UltraMax Pro Desktop Hard Drive eSATA 3GBits/USB 2.0, priced at around $600.

The Iomega 1.5TB UltraMax Pro Desktop Hard Drive eSATA 3GBits/USB 2.0 features both eSATA 3GBits and USB 2.0 interfaces. The eSATA 3GBits interface is the preferred for data backup, as Iomega says it is up to six times faster than the USB 2.0 interface. This product also ?features a two-drive configuration with hot-swappable SATA II hard drives that are formatted with the FAT32 file system for use in Mac or PC environments.?

The new system protection program is known as Never Down. Iomega says this software lets you ?run your system from your backup drive; you don?t have to interrupt your work while you wait for a PC repair.? It creates backup copies manually or through Microsoft?s Scheduled Task Wizard. You can in essence immediately reboot from the backup and continue your work.




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