World’s Smallest 8GB Flash Drive


World’s Smallest 8GB Flash Drive
Don’t let its diminutive size fool you. Super Talent’s newest 8GB flash drives might be small, but upon closer inspection you’ll find that it’s actually terrible, in a helpfully geeky kind of way.

Super Talent?s newest 8GB flash drives are billed as the smallest in the world, and I?m OK with it. Although I can?t really imagine myself putting something as small and delicate-looking as this to good use, I?m sure a few other nano-obsessed individuals out there would be glad to know that these USB flash drives are going to be rolled out soon. Actually, 4GB variants are already available here right now, but if you can wait, the 8GB versions are surely going to be worth it.

World?s Smallest 8GB Flash Drive
Plus, there will be three models to choose from, ranging from a swiveling one, a retractable one, and a plain old stick figure looking regular flash drive. Pricing starts at $35 each.


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