Amazing Watch You Wouldn’t Mind Wearing


Amazing Watch You Wouldn't Mind Wearing
Wearables provide very useful features for people on the go. The problem is, they look bulky and awkward. Most people are waiting for a wearable that not only functions well, but also matches everything.

The Ritot watch might be the answer to this growing concern.

The new wearable is the first projection wrist watch. Instead of having a display screen, the watch shoots out the notification on the wearer’s hand. This non-intrusive method looks clean and bright. There is also no need for a screen, which allows the watch to take on other shapes and sizes

Amazing Watch You Wouldn't Mind Wearing
Charging the device is more impressive than the actual watch itself. The wearable comes with a pad that lets the user change the projection color instantly.

Amazing Watch You Wouldn't Mind Wearing
The watch is waterproof and has a battery capacity that can last for an entire month on standby mode. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Ritot – the first projection watch.

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