Sand Time Watch


If you have always fancied having a sand clock on your wrist, the Sand Time Watch is the answer to your desire.

Designed by Pavel Balykin, winner of the prestigious red dot design award, this watch uses modern LED display technology to display time using an ancient time counting technique. In the screensaver mode, the watch works like a conventional sand clock with the display showing the “electronic sand” falling from the top screen to the bottom. The rate of fall is set at a default of one minute but can be changed by the user. For those not too keen to have this sand clock display at all times, there is the modern digit mode that shows the hour and minute information as digits in the top and bottom screens respectively.

The watch bracelet is made out of rubber while the case is produced of plastic with a choice of multiple colors. The only bad news is that this is just a concept as of now, but when it does turn up in the market, expect it to sell pretty quickly.

Source Balkindesign


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