I really enjoy these watches that presents the time in a hard to read way, especially if LEDs and/or binary code are combined. This one is not binary, but it is quite a stylish hand cuff type watch. People will most probably think that you are wearing a bracelet or some sort of jewel.
Actually, after you get used to this kind of watch, you’ll find pretty easy to read the time.

The price is US$ 114.05

Shinshoku LED Watch

The strap is a continuous stainless steel band that wraps around your wrist with a matrix of punched out holes. Beneath the surface are 29 super bright LED’s which illuminate to indicate the time. There are 3 models available.

The watch’s LED’s animate in a cascade effect when showing the time. (Button B skips the animation & jumps straight to the time)

On the multi-color LED model the red lights (12) indicate the hour, the green (3) indicate 15 minutes each & the Yellow (14) are 1 minute each.
By telling the time in this way it makes it very easy to see if its roughly quarter-past, half-past or quarter-to the hour. With each green LED worth 15 mins; then 2 lit equals 30 mins.

The watch is also available in All-Red & All-Green LED if you prefer the single color look. The etched markings on the strap allow you to distinguish between hours & minutes on all versions – but the multi-color version is by far the easiest model to read the time on, especially at night.

The strap is easily adjustable at home, no need to use any tools, and can fit up to a 9 inch wrist. (23 cm)

Shinshoku LED Watch


Shinshoku LED Watch


Shinshoku LED Watch



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